Friday, April 24, 2009

i <3 my life...

"I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too. Thursday I don't care about you, it's Friday, I'm in love." -The Cure

Today started out right. I brought surprise cinnamon rolls to my clients. They were very happy (& frosting covered)! Then I realized I forgot my planner...this is bad. I actually might as well not even be at work.

Without my planner I am useless. This makes me think I should succumb to my company's pressure to get a blackberry. I realize my incapability to "turn off" from work, so a blackberry has always been an addictive thought that I shouldn't pursue. Although as I sit here and worry that I may have an afternoon meeting, blackberry is looking more and more attractive.

I am nearing the anniversary of moving to Kansas City & taking my job, and I feel so blessed lately. I am truly in love with Kansas City, love my to move into the perfect (for now) apartment!

Don't get me wrong. My apartment now is nearly in a beautiful neighborhood, a stones throw from the Plaza. Totally safe. But it's the size of a breadbox. My bathroom is so tiny the shower curtain can't even hang freely in the space between the vanity and the tub. The kitchen is narrow and has no counter space. And there is NO storage space (only 1 tiny closet).

Turns out the perfect (for now) apartment is up two floors. No moving van for me, just a LOT of stair climbing. Moving to a two bedroom on the third floor. The best thing about the building is how quiet it is and how safe it is. I am so glad that I am not leaving those things behind. Plus the third floor is the top floor, so no people vacuuming at 6am on Sunday anymore. And no more worrying about leaving the windows open at night.

Weekend agenda...Keenan works all weekend, so it will be another installment of dating myself (whenever I go to a meal, or a movie alone for the past couple years, with the tour and then our separate work schedules this is a lot...I think of it as a date- with myself). I actually like dates with myself, I get to pick everything, leave when I want and eavesdrop on others shamelessly. Eavesdropping is hard to do when you have to keep up conversation.

So on the agenda this weekend...

Hair, the Musical
Yard sales
Baking (I finally replenished the sugar canister)
Reading (The History of Love)

Pretty sparse, to allow for lots of sleeping. I need to sleep. And then there's guilty pleasure TV show is on tonight: Mistresses on BBC America. It's completely soap-esque and tawdry, which is why I love it. Sunday night TV- Brothers & Sisters and In Treatment (LOVE).

I will now sign off of the worlds most meaningless blog post. Have a fantastic weekend, whatever is on your agenda.


Ashley said...

I just got a Blackberry & I loooove it so far. I think you will never go back once you get one.

Also, yay for the new apartment! I live on the top floor (2nd floor) & that's exactly why I wanted on top... I am not not about to be dealing with people vaccuming or kids jumping off the couch.

Inkster said...

sounds absolutely fabulous to me :)