Sunday, November 22, 2009

eating cheese on toast

So tonight I was planning on having a little Thanksgiving feast for Keenan and myself, since as per usual we will not be together for the holiday (see also *actor's schedule).

Unfortunately, for the first time ever, the pilot light is out in the gas stove. Luckily the range still works. So everything that was going to be now being scrapped and reconstructed to be cooked on the range, or in the slow cooker. So no turkey...we are having porkchops with stuffing and vegetables. And no pie, unfortunately I haven't found a dessert that I have the ingredients for that doesn't need to be baked. Probably running out for some heavy cream so I can whip up a mousse.

I do not trust anyone but my maitenance man to light the thing, so comments to that effect are worthless to me. *I mean that in the sweetest most honest way*

title courtesy of Kate Nash, Merry Happy

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