Monday, April 19, 2010

and they say goldfish have no memory

Spring marks the return of YARD SALE SEASON! This is the Fiesta vase I got this weekend for a measly 4$. Isn't she lovely?

I also bought the board game Cranium (which was still in its shrink wrap from the store) for 50 cents. I have wanted the game but wanted it new, because used clay freaks me out a little.

For 4.50 I had a great little Saturday morning. I can't wait til next Saturday.

title courtesy of ani difranco: little plastic castle


Ashley said...

awesome deals! I have issues going to garage sales because I always feel pressured to buy something. Your vase is adorable!

latte_grande said...

Yaaaaay for yard sale season! I haven't been to any yet, but I did just get the game Loaded Questions, 12 books, 2 shirts, a mug, a recipe box and a deck of vintage cards at Goodwill for $11.50 the other day! Super cute vase, btw!