Monday, April 12, 2010

the hook brings you back

I saw idea this on another blog recently, scrawled it down and thought I would use it to get me back into blogging again. Work is so busy it's hard to justify the time to get on here.

looking forward to: catching some more Royals games this season.

what I did yesterday: relaxed and watched some DVR'd shows & the Royals lose.

what I wish I could do: swim (although I am afraid to take lessons).

where I would like to travel: Nantucket.

something cute online today: Cute Owl Scrapbook

title courtesy of Blues Traveler, this song Hook samples Pachelbel's Canon in D. (This was a trivia question I got right when the girls of my fam prevailed over the boys of my fam 2 weekends ago)


Tami said...

you need to take swim lessons. i grew up with an inground pool but still didn't know how to swim! i took lessons for 5 weeks and now i can swim 12 consecutive laps-YOU can do it!

Breann said...

i'll do them with you. i need a refresher course.

Breann said...

ps. that's a great photo of you and gma...makes my heart smile.

Ashley said...

Umm I can't swim either. Sign me up!

PS we can all learn & then we can hang out on my boat this summer ;)

Breann said...

i'm liking ashley's idea.