Tuesday, July 27, 2010

it's a big enough umbrella, but it's always me that ends up getting wet

Interestingly, I was on my way to pay my car payment last night after work, in rush hour, when my car went haywire and quit. It is not fun to stand on the side of the interstate highway waiting for the tow truck for two hours normally. It sucks worse when it is 100 degrees outside and 5pm. It sucks the worst when you are also pregnant.

Of course it was Keenan's opening night for HEAD (Cheers!) so he couldn't help me. My Sprint Roadside Rescue is worth it's weight in gold to me (Seriously, if you drive a used car, or if you have luck like mine, you must have it).

At least the baby is learning early what an independent mama s/he has.

And although tempted I never cried (my bank account will surely cry later).

It's so funny no matter what breaks how you envitabley think "but it was just working."

Of course I spent the rest of the night sick from the heat. Today needs to be better, I spent most of the night praying it will be.

title courtesy of The Police: Every little thing she does is magic


mindakims said...

oh girlie, your luck needs to change! wish you were closer so I could be of more use in pregnancy and car management!

Ashley said...

I think you have bad luck with cars.