Wednesday, November 17, 2010

let's make peace tonight

This is the home stretch and it is time to pull it together.

Having all the nursery furniture acquired (by my Craigslist maven of a friend Whitney) and painted (by my guerilla girlfriends who aren't afraid to spend a whole Sunday in the DIY-trenches with me Whitney and Kate) and delivered (by Whitney and her mom always-posh and polished Paula) and then sealed (by myself and lima bean's daddy) and then assembled (by daddy as it is apparently the rite of passage to fatherhood) has greatly decreased my anxiety and makes me happy. I like walking by the nursery and seeing that my little girl has a space in this world (and not just in my body).

I am trying not to compare myself or my pregnancy to anything else before it or around it and when the depression comes I try to just recognize it, own it and realize that my feelings are valid, and that I not only don't have to do things like everyone else does, I don't have to want to do them either (this does not mean I have 2 heads or will be a horrible mom).

Things to do before the lima bean makes her arrival:

  • pre-register at the hospital
  • make a playlist for the ipod and pack bags (mine, k's and lima bean's)
  • write thank you notes for all the generous friends and family we have
  • purchase a car seat/travel system & get it installed
  • finish the nursery
  • choose a name and a middle name (can be done upon arrival)
  • finish the first reading of Alice in Wonderland (we are about 3/4 of the way through it)
  • achieve a society that has no wage gap, rape or domestic violence

Now for the sublist...nursery

  • attach drawer pulls to the dresser
  • paint the nightstand (it's not quite the same creamy white as the other pieces)
  • DIY the lampshade
  • acquire perfect shade of green paint to paint the mirror
  • finish poly-ing the crib (I missed a couple spots)
  • DIY some art, hang said art
  • DIY crib skirt via tutorial on Young House Love
  • figure out storage solutions
  • wash clothing 0-3mos and put 6mos-2T into storage bins
  • organize closet
  • hang shelves
  • finish DIY mobile
  • secure changing pad to the dresser

title courtesy of the indigo girls: let's make peace tonight

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Ashley said...

I'm SO happy for an update from you! Will you be sharing pictures? It sounds so cute. & may I suggest Ashley for the middle name? ;)