Monday, March 7, 2011

I jumped across for you

some things of note...

A tutorial on iron-ons that I must try.

A new layout about my nephew Kolten Paul's birth (a little behind, at least he hasnt turned 1 yet)The photo is not "good" in this layout, by scrapbooking standards, it's a cell phone picture that was sent across the miles to a nervous aunt waiting for news of her step-sister's baby boy. Which is why it isn't a good picture to me, it's a great one.

A fabulous give-away YOU should sign up for!

And a look at what happened over the weekend...Sloane learned to smile at the camera! She has been socially smiling for a couple of weeks but everytime you put the camera up (or phone up, or video camera up) she would look at you with her furrowed brow (family trait) and give you a scowl (mother's trait) the smiles would disappear and she would return to her serious self. Finally I got her to trust the strange black flashing box. And she even winked at me as if to say "I got this mama"

Also I put a kit together for my first time this weekend for a challenge on Tally Scrapper (yes, the lost lamb has returned home). The kit was inspired by one of my favorite songs evah: Yellow by Coldplay. It was a fun venture "designing"-- although it was a little expensive since I loved it so much shopping commenced like this: one for me, one for the kit, one for the kit, one for me. Also easter candy and photo printing are becoming expenses in this month's budget. Lots of easter candy.

title courtesy of Coldplay: Yellow


ChristyR said...

what a cutie!!! priceless =)

Dolores said...

she looks adorable!

Leah Crowe said...

oh girl, Sloane is so darn cute!! That kit looks so cool.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, adorable!!! Your kid is cute, Shan.