Monday, June 13, 2011

loves babies and surprises...wears high heels while she exercises

little beauties I picked up for 3 dollars

Just some little lovelies that I found last week before leaving for my hometown for the Smoky Hill River Festival.  I had a vintagey week last week.  I love all my little finds. 

I seemed to be drawn to this color scheme this weekend
vintage apron (5$) tiny bumble bee box (.75) little plate w/ owl impression (1$)
vintage copy of Gone with the Wind (1$)
decanter for mama (3$) wedgwood cup & saucer (5$)

a better look at the perfect wedgwood (1973) I don't collect it but I can't pass it up for only 5$

a better look at that decanter- a little gift for my mother's august birthday
linking up at her library adventures

title courtesy of a vintage Train hit: meet virginia

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Michelle said...

Such pretty finds. My favorite item is the cobalt blue bottle. That is gorgeous and will look so nice in a window, catching the light. :-)