Saturday, June 18, 2011

truly madly deeply

So ever since I got engaged I have struggled with the thought of planning the wedding.  I have been married was brief but the memories of the chore of wedding planning seem to be everlasting.  Turns out (even the first time) I was born without the "bride gene".  Partially this is probably because I am cheap thrifty and thinking about spending thousands of dollars on anything that doesn't give me either more letters behind my name or a way to travel to work makes me a little more than nervous.  I want to be married to Keenan, I just don't want a wedding.  However, Keenan has found my missing bride gene.  This turns out to work for me a little.  He is now mainly in charge of planning the wedding.  I love how determined he is, and how thoughtful he is to stick to his theme (while I reign in the budget). 

Theme sounds a little tacky.  I thought that, until Keenan told me what he wanted.  And I decided I will hereby refer to it as "inspired" rather than "themed".  I realize it's been done before after some internet searches but I think it's classic anyway...


via (I am totally doing those chalkboards)

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A "Mad Men" inspired wedding translated to me: short gloves, big sunglasses, pearls, Audrey, Jacqueline, kitsch, a short wedding dress, silk flowers, a back-yard affair, bird cage veils & tiny pastries. 

To Keenan this theme translates as cuff links, skinny ties, Rat Pack music, old fashioneds and martinis. 

We concur (as you can see).  And the inspiration has made the planning process a little more bearable.
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title courtesy of Savage Garden (I love you Breann): truly madly deeply


Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

I love this! It's going to be awesome, I can already tell :)I'm excited for you guys.

Breann said...

And I love you. And the chalkboards. And the birdcage veil that you always wanted. And the short dresses. And the backyard feel. Pretty much love it all, but you most of all.

Ashley said...

I love it :)