Wednesday, April 17, 2013

art is why I get up in the morning

In all the work chaos, in all the political blathering and state of the city hubbub all I want to do is let out a little creativity.   I am getting excited about directing The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (my favorite musical) this summer, but it isn't soon enough to let out all of this pent up ART!

However, I have misplaced the power source to my scanner.  I just can't photograph a layout and have it be as sharp as a scan can. :)  But here are some recent (as in at least 90 days ago) pages I created.

I really have no excuse to not be scrapping away in the evenings after Sloane's in bed, my dad got us a great portable table for Christmas and I have been itching to spread out all my supplies.

Although I confess I have found the time sucker:  I have a horrible addiction to a trial right now (I know, I know I promised not to get  involved in watching trials again after that circus I watched last summer, and after how I cried for about a week when a jury acquitted OJ Simpson when I was in high school). But I always get sucked in (then I justify this by annoying my mom and sister until they get involved too). So by the time I catch up on testimony it's time for bed.  The defense rested yesterday, so only have rebuttal and closing arguments to go.

Hopefully order will be restored soon and I can get back to the scrap table in the evening.  Just doing these few pages makes me remember that I want to document some of the cute and interesting things Sloaney is doing right now.

So I don't completely forget.

"I want a Hoot-Hoo party and a moon" Sloane circa age 2

A page about Sloane's first phrases including "good guhl"

16 mos. photo shoot (a year ago-- *wah*). Love those chubby arms and calves

title courtesy of Out of Habit: ani difranco (I sure love her lately)

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Ashley H said...

That trial... don't even wanna go there.

Moving ON. Loving seeing your layouts again! I miss seeing your work. I did decide to sub to SC, after the Feb kits that I loved & so my sub started in March. I have loved it so far, this month I got both add ons though so spend $70 so I can see how this can be a very bad thing! BUT I am using the kits all up & then I am selling my stamps so I tell myself that it's all ok in the end :)