Wednesday, April 3, 2013

lie awake at night till they come back around


There's no cure for distraction like your dreams coming true.  For the last month I have been living my own dream as I finally found and landed a job doing what I love all day long.  It has made time FLY by.

Fortunately I work a CREATIVE job now, so I haven't gone home at 5pm everyday searching for a creative outlet (i.e. blogging, scrapbooking, crafting). Unfortunately I miss doing my own creativity and expression.  So I am hoping I can find some balance soon.  Until then, I at least want to leave some photo documentation of the last month.

Miss Sloane got her dinosaur mullet trimmed

Much better
Easter happened

She calls him "bess frien" (evah) 

She loved her blue shoes (favorite color) and wearing her hat
title courtesy of Please come to Boston; Dave Loggins

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Ashley H said...

such a pretty dress. that photo of the 3 of you is really great:)