Tuesday, August 12, 2008

august kit...in love

I'm in love with the new kit at Tallyscrapper. Sometimes I get a little down about kits because they seem a little too girly for my style, taly kits aren't usually overtly girly, but this kit is overtly the opposite of what is the stereotypical "girly"...this kit is for girls who rock (and boys too). So if you or someone you know rocks, log on, on the 15th around 12pmCST and buy one for under 30$, but you'll have to hurry, tally kits always sell out (because they are stellar). You don't have to believe me, see for yourself...
This month I've chosen to focus some layouts on the guys in my life (mostly my brothers so far). Here are three that I've finished so far, a little Brooks, "no it is not a cigarette, it's a sucker", and "yes that is a Mets hat" and "no we are not Mets fans."
a little Matt (with the Beatles) on his last day of school ever. here's the title
and a little Tay (who isn't a boy but definitely rocks).
wanna read the text? it was an olympic challenge about passing the torch, i chose to highlight my sister and i and our flair for the theatre, given to us by our grandmother, whose maiden name was Prior

and one about quirky, trendy keenan and me.
stay tuned for more, this love affair isn't over yet.

ps as for real life, i have been unually sick for about a week and a half with migraines. i am sorry if i am not returning calls, emails and doing dishes or laundry...i am not avoiding. i promise.


Sarah said...

Gorgeous pages! Megan and I decided last night that we are going to start scrapping...she wants to learn how! And yes, we do need a phone date. Give me a call when you are feeling better!

gab423 said...

Your pages are simply FAB!!!