Sunday, August 31, 2008

goodbye august, hello everything after

i am not sad to see august go. it's been a dark month. i am ready for september. i am ready to see the leaves fall. i think i need a change of seasons. thinking of the first time i heard my favorite album ever "august & everything after" i was lying on the floor of my boyfriend's basement room circa 1997, listening to something much more than "mr. jones". I wish I could remember which track it was first. I wish I could remember what he thought of that track. I keep thinking it was Perfect Blue Buildings, or something equally self-deprecating, but maybe that's information that is new mixing in with what was old. Regardless, it's still my favorite album so many years later, "and we're getting older and older, and older and always a little further out of the way." (A.D.)

August and everything after

They're wakin' up Maria 'cause everybody else has got some place to go
She makes a little motion with her head,
rolls over,
And she says she's gonna sleep for a couple minutes more
I've said "I'm sorry" to Maria for the cold hearted thing that i have done
I've said "I'm sorry", by now, at least once to just about everyone
She says, "I've forgotten what I'm supposed to do today,"
And it slips my mind what I'm supposed to say?
We're getting older and older, and older
And always a little further out of the way
You look into her eyes and it's more than your heart will allow
In August and everything after, you get a little less than you expected, somehow...

-Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows


Tami said...

that was perfect for me to read. September needs to be better than august

Ashley said...

I am not looking forward to September & changing seasons. I hate cold weather!

Ashley said...
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Jenny said...

Thanks for a great new song to add to my playlist. Love it!