Tuesday, August 26, 2008


pitiful=amount of blogging done in august. let's see not much to say, that could even be more pitiful.

my neice turned 3...pics to follow eventually.

seem to be sleeping too much.

we joined a gym we love = no icky flourescent lighting & a no body-builder policy

i was corporation-wide manager of the month!= 50$ gas card and a bunch of stationary

tay went back to school at wesleyan, she's a junior. she's coaching hs dance team and on her university's dance team and still has her job as a personal assistant for a couple individuals with autism.

matt got a job at south high as a para. he likes it so far. all three of us work with people with special needs, which is cool because all of our personalities are so different.

started the twilight series, just needed a fun read. there is enough seriousness as my job...so i put my other book on hold for awhile until i finish my fun book.

no motivation (this extends to most everything including scrapping, cleaning, even couponing!)

got ben folds tickets for october. this is the good news i will end my post on...

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Breann said...

We were happy to be blessed with you on Saturday! Wish it were that day again...