Friday, January 9, 2009

The door to the year: January

I have fallen off the weekend agenda wagon (not to mention the blogging wagon) is my attempt to get back on it.

I have a lot of paperwork for work due on unfortunately I will be writing behavior plans this weekend, for some of the weekend. Fortunately behavior plans are one of my favorite parts of my job! Sometimes I wish I could live many lives so that I could have many occupations. Let me digress a moment...Here are my top 5 other occupations I would have:

5. Medical examiner (yep for real)
4. Lawyer (although I suck at arguing a point I don't agree w/)
3. Lollipop salesperson (ask my mama, this was the profession I told my mom I would really like to have, and it still holds true to a point, although rent would be difficult to make).
2. Behavior Analyst
1. It's a tie between things I could still achieve in this lifetime: Writer, College Professor, Teacher

Okay, back to my weekend. Plans include:

  • pedicure w/ one crazy nurse (I haven't had one since Matt's graduation weekend: May 11th)
  • hoping desperately that the 70 degree day today and the 20 degree day tomorrow will not put me out of commission (please Frova, please work).
  • hopefully a hair appointment to cut my overgrown bangs
  • listening to Dave call the KW/Bethany bball game and wish I was there to watch Tay dance
  • cybercrop (scrapbooking for those of you who don't speak the language) on Tallyscrapper plus online chatting w/ my bff Bre
  • Buying Lost season 4 and remembering how much I love it just in time for the premiere of Season 5 (see ticker to the upperleft)
  • Slumdog Millionaire & maybe The Reader
  • Taco night at Fric & Frac
  • a little thrifting possibly
  • watching the playoff games and hoping Philip Rivers loses (sorry Shirley) & Eli wins (sorry Bre) although I got nothing but love for you Darren Sproles (in case u read this) and by the way I typed that you may think that I think the Giants and the Chargers are playing each other, I don't, actually. That's just who I am rooting and not rooting for this weekend, other teams and games I don't really care so much for.
  • catching up on the DVR'd stuff- Top Chef, SVU, L&O, & Nancy Grace (I know, but I am somehow addicted to this sensationalized Casey Anthony case)
  • making plans for my birthday next week
  • most likely laundry because socks in the winter are important

Have a wonderful weekend yourself.


Ashley said...

I'm with you on medical examiner & lawyer. But I chose nurse.

rachel whetzel said...

Um, can you not WAIT for LOST!?!? I'm so excited.