Monday, January 12, 2009


The weekend review...

I did get my pedicure, saw Slumdog Millionaire (excellent film) and saw Gran Torino (liked it), went to taco night (although I ate a spinach salad), walked/shopped around the plaza, scrapbooked a little, bought a new canon all-in-one photo printer/copier/scanner (although my reasoning behind that upsets me) and got caught up on a little weekly tv.

Had to take my migraine meds Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday evening. There are some fronts working in and out of the middle of the country right now that are making it hard to see straight. Going to the neuro on Wednesday, hoping my bp is low enough to start a new daily medication, which hopefully will help me.

Hoping to see The Reader on Tuesday and then I will only have a couple movies left (Rachel Getting Married, Revolutionary Road, I've Loved You So Long & The Wrestler) to see that are Oscar contenders. Little disappointed in the GG's last night. Only because I was really wanting to see Sean Penn or Frank Langella win best actor in a drama, rather than Mickey Rourke. Of course, I haven't seen The Wrestler yet, but I am still thinking those two (Penn & Langella) will be my faves. Was happy for Ms. Winslet, although I haven't seen either of her movies yet either. But she is a class act and a great role model for women. Out of the female performances I have seen I loved Viola, Amy & Meryl in Doubt and Angelina in Changeling. I really need to see those female-heavy performance movies in the next couple weeks.

On the downside of this weekend, I did not get any work done. This makes for a manic monday. Time to face the music, now. ugh.

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