Monday, June 22, 2009

and the only word for love is everybody's name


went & saw the Pixar film Up (w/ Keenan)-- I think I cried an inappropriate amount. Luckily it was the 10pm showing, so there was a little privacy for my catharsis. I didn't know what it was about before going, I probably would have skipped it for awhile.

used Red Box for the first time! rented He's just not that into you. i liked it, despite my sister's warnings that it would make me too introspective and paranoid.

got some excellent thrifted stuff (earrings for grandma, a one-of-a kind chess set, fun stuff for the apartment, & a cute anthropologie skirt)

went shopping for the apartment. got some album frames (for some of my thrifty finds), & some letters for the wall at Urban Outfitters.

caught up on a lot of work on sunday (after most of the day was lost to a migraine). however in my narcotic-daze I didn't save things well and I lost a good chunk of what I accomplished. that will teach me to work on a weekend.

did not scrapbook. or do anything "creative". have not scrapbooked since the middle of april. not sure when the impulse will return. if it doesn't soon i should definitely sell all of my goods.

ruminated on how to make more money when one works a salaried-human service job. i am welcome to suggestions. in fact, please post suggestions!

Keenan's career (thankfully) is not as abysmal. He is now booked until February (3 shows) doing theatre at the Unicorn & the Coterie. Hooray!

ate dinner at Harry's Bar & Tables with Jessica.

Thursday night is date night this week. We are going to the show Speech & Debate at the Unicorn theatre.


Ashley said...

My friend wants to see UP too... our theater is showing it in 3D & we almost went the other night. I have no idea what it's about though.

He's just not that into you was amazing.

If you sell your stuff, keep me in my mind. However, your mojo (I hate that word) will return & you will be fabulous again. I'm sure of it.

mindakims said...

that movie, that movie...oh so very good! Don't sell your stuff, you will come back to it, just be patient with yourself. You are in a different season now...