Wednesday, June 24, 2009

it's more than your heart will allow...

and you thought you had to go to new york. this bakery is right down the street from me. i will be trying the rasberry lemonade and the stuffed french toast flavors soon!

my grandpa started chemo yesterday. my heart is really wishing i was home right now. everything about the last few months has seemed so grey. sometimes feel like i am in the dead of winter when everyone else is in the sunshine (the grass is always greener).

keenan's opening night for U Bug Me is on Friday. he is really enjoying this cast & the music (he gets to play his violin).

we went to a bbq at the artistic director of the theatre's house last night. he has a lovely deck and i even got into the pool (this is only because it was sweltering...usually as a nonswimmer i avoid pools).

my sister taylor turns 21 this weekend. i was hoping to get everyone to kc for a party, but looks like we will be postponing that idea, at least until we figure out what chemo is going to be like for grandpa. so she will be celebrating in our hometown and according to my saturn i am staying put.

thought my car was fixed. ha. it sure fooled me. the money pit is neverending.

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