Sunday, August 9, 2009

and like an idea she came to me.

Things I've done lately...

  • enjoyed a Royals win with my sis, brother, stepbrother & fam, Mom & stepdad
  • ate my uncle's famous homemade icecream for the first time in 8 years
  • went to the theatre & saw Orphan, alone (creepy).
  • went to the theatre w/ my nurse friend and saw Julie & Julia (loved it!)
  • went to the theatre w/ my bf and saw Funny People (ok).
  • went to the thrift store and got 4 NY times bestsellers for 2$
  • ate a delicious brunch with Keenan, with lemon merengue pie for dessert
  • held my first drama therapy session with a new group of elders with alzheimers & dementia
  • painted my toenails (abysmally, albeit economically).

I've been waiting, rather impatiently, to see Julie & Julia. I have always admired Meryl Streep and have been quite taken with Amy Adams ever since Junebug.

The film really resonated with me, possibly because I blog too, possibly because I am a scant 6 months from turning 30 and sometimes wonder what I've really done with my life, and quite possibly because it was about 2 women who were doing something with their lives that had little to do with the men around them. Women don't get to have films like that too often, maybe a woman is a CEO in a film, but the total plotline is how she can fall in love with someone in order to make herself complete.

Right after I saw the film I really wanted to read the book or the blog, so that I could experience more of Julie Powell's Julia Child project. Then I started hearing of all of this backlash against Julie Powell. The funniest bit of critique I heard is that she is self-absorbed. Ha. Of course she is. I would like to call for the previous question here, let's take a vote. Who thinks that bloggers are self-absorbed? Isn't that inherent in blogging? Even if you blog on a topic (celebrities, food, scrapbooking, thrifting, home-design) it's still through your own lens.

Therefore I say (as a fellow self-absorbed vapid narcissist), so what! I am glad Julie Powell was absorbed enough in her project to share it with others. I love that she introduced me to a style of cooking I know nothing about, and that she renewed America's interest in a woman who beat the odds: Julia Child. Lovely film. Bravo, Julie!


Tami said...

off to see about the blog, i want to see the movie and read the book. i am going to see Food Inc tomorrow, my first movie in almost 7 years I think

mindakims said...

hey, can you email me with your email addy? I can't find it anywhere!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, still think you should come up and see me and I'll take you to the gardens and pamper you!