Monday, August 24, 2009

you visit me in my sleep

"Sometimes you can see things happen right in front of your eyes and still jump to the wrong conclusions."— Jodi Picoult
I've been a little MIA this week. I took two days off of work before the weekend and had myself a 5-day weekend. It was nice. Lots of sleep, movies & good food, lots of time spent with Keenan.

We saw 500 days of Summer--2.5 stars (eh, didn't like how the female character was written at all), Inglourious Basterds (sic)--4 stars, although it was TOO long, and District 9--3 stars, again TOO long and slow.

I've been feeling off lately...this seems to be a pattern in August. I am not sure why August is such a "downer" every year. Although I have decided that I will make no major decisions in the month of Ceasar Augustus. Major decisions will be tabled, until September.

Had the best dream last night. I fell asleep, unsuspecting that I would get to "spend some time" with my grandma and hug her, for a long time. Of course I wish it hadn't been a dream, but it was so much better than nothing.

title courtesy of Pink: Who Knew?

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Breann said...

i believe she really was there hugging you. for a really long time.