Monday, August 10, 2009

when you came in the air went out.

I thought we just might have a perfect Sunday night. The TV was ready (Sunday has some great TV). I made brown rice a new recipe I saw on Oprah: Chef Cat Cora's jerk pork chops ...which was so yummy. I mixed up some brownies, popped them in the oven and just as True Blood was beginning a bat swooped through the living room.

In the moments of my terror I realized a few things.
  • I list bats in my top five scariest things. (1. rapists 2. murderers 3. bats 4. interrogation techniques 5. President Sarah Palin). those are not listed in order of most to least scariest, they are just all very scary.
  • I am not good in a crisis of terror. I covered my head with a giant giraffe print pillow and screamed repeatedly for Keenan to save me.
  • True Blood will forever be more relevant and more creepy to me.

Keenan killed the bat. I am sorry, to all of you who feel that was the wrong thing to do. Frankly, I wouldn't kill a bat in his apartment, but I would kill one in my apartment.

additionally, I did not burn the brownies. they are good.

title courtesy of True Blood Theme Song

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm so thankful he was there to save the day. What if you were home alone? How did it get in?
PS I'm even more thankful that I was not there for this. I would have fainted.