Monday, October 26, 2009

pass the tea & sympathy.

Photos are from when Minda, Bre & Maxx came to Kansas City this last weekend. We had a great time. After they all left on Friday evening when I made an awful cold (which I've had for 20 days) had suddenly gotten much worse. It worsened even more throughout the weekend putting a damper on a visit from my mom, Randy and my grandparents.

Today, tired of being miserable, I hit up Minute Clinic, after I tried to get into my regular doctor whom I can see on Thursday (!). So I cancelled the Thursday gig and headed over to CVS. I have a sinus infection, which I expected. I get one every fall and every spring.

The ARNP told me I could prevent them with those nasal rinses. I must have looked terrified. She told me they are a little weird but they prevent and treat infections. She told me to buy one.
I confessed my biggest fear is water and drowning. If a little water goes up my nose when washing my face I freak.

She told me it would make me feel better much faster, maybe even today! To a person in pain, that promise is dirty pool. I bought one. And I freaked.

Once when I was a child, around 5, I had to have ear drops for an infection. I did not take well to them. My dad had to hold me down while my mom put them in. I threatened (idly) to call 911 and report him for child abuse. Thus, from then on my mother told pediatricians I would rather just have the anti-biotic. The doctor would then tell her that the drops work faster and numb the pain. I would then tell the doctor I would just have the pain, please.

This time I am going to try to make a concerted effort. I may have wanted to take the pain then, but I am all about getting rid of it now.

title courtesy of Janis Ian - Tea & Sympathy, Photos courtesy of Minda Schultz


Ashley said...

So sad I wasn't there :(

Let me know how the rinse goes... the thought terrifies me too!

Tami said...

you need a neti pot