Sunday, March 7, 2010

misty water-colored memories


the consummate beauty
the best dressed (ever)
the color I love to see on the red carpet (especially on redheads)
vintage Dior (beautiful!)
Last night I watched The Hurt Locker. So I now have seen 9 of 10 of the best picture nominees (p.s. I hate that there are 10 now rather than 5). Also have seen a good 10 other films that are nominated.
I don't want to see Avatar & I hope it doesn't win. I have a strong dislike (although probably arbitrary) for James Cameron and his bajillion dollars. Therefore, it gives me great joy to root against him and for his ex-wife (Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker) for best director (Also would be the first woman to win in this category, long overdue). If she doesn't win, I am going for Lee Daniels (Precious) he is a big underdog and Precious was brilliantly directed.
My other hopes for statues are: MoNique (Best Supporting Actress, Precious), Colin Firth (A Single Man, although I think Jeff Bridges may have it on lock). If not Sandy (The Blind Side), then Meryl, if not Meryl (Julie & Julia) then Gabourey (Precious).
Christoph Waltz (the best performance in the delightful Inglorious Basterds). If not him, I'd love to see Stanley Tucci (the Lovely Bones). He was chillingly wonderful, and if the movie would have been a little better I think he'd have it in the bag.
happy viewing!
title courtesy the award winning song The Way we Were


Stacie said...

Jeff Bridges right? Or are we making a joke? :) I mean Dumb and Dumber was amazing but...

Shannon said...

um yes, I think I crossed that with Lee Daniels. I have corrected it.