Wednesday, March 17, 2010

two can be as sad as one, it's the lonliest number since the number one

You can buy her here!

I have this little secret to confess. It is so hard for me to pass up a "vintage orphan". Every time I find a vintage glass at the thrift store I have to take it home. I don't even kid myself that I may find a matching one some day...I know I won't, I think that's the charm of the orphan glasses. I am pretty sure someday that this habit will become the bane of my (future)child(ren's) existence: having to figure out how to price 1000 orphan vintage glasses at my estate sale. Until then though, I am having a bit of fun.

title courtesy of "One" (I am not sure of the original artist, Aimee Mann does it nicely though).

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