Thursday, November 3, 2011

her hair is always a mess...she's beautiful

So I am a bit of a (faux) single mom these days and it seriously makes me want to bow down (Wayne's World style) to all the kick @ss real single moms and declare "We're not worthy...we're not worthy!" Keenan is in & out doing theatre. I am lucky to have my family to help me, and of course Zoloft. 

I have only been at this for a few days but I have been using the 2 hours that she is asleep and I am not to do some projects.  I touched up some of her things from the nursery that got scratched in the move.  And I did two projects from my holiday Pinterest files (ahem, addiction)...


Here is my version for Miss Sloane, and chef Dudley

I made an ornament based on the one above for a "first Christmas/gee I never sent you a wedding present?how embarrassing! gift".  I need to get a ribbon and a little charm to finish it off...and then off in the mail.  By Emily Post's etiquette guidelines I still had until April 2012 to get them a gift...but the early bird does catch the worm, so I won't wait the full year since their wedding. 

Hopefully my new found loneliness will help me keep up my crafty distraction so that I can get a few more projects on my to-do list to-done.  It's better than copious amounts of liquor, tears and kleenex...although I can't promise that I will make it through the next two months without a night or two like that.

Linking this up to the un-official Fall pinterest challenge on YHL. <3

title courtesy of Train: Meet Virginia (classic)

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Ashley said...

I think my comment disappeared... I was saying how busy I had been too & that I loved the costume & that I am making one of those ornaments TOO!