Thursday, January 26, 2012

I finally drove out to where the sky is dark enough to see the stars

There's nothing like peer pressure in your own family to get you motivated. My poor mother is going to have an eventful 2012. My sister Taylor is having a baby boy in May, surprise! Because of her due date being about a week away from Keenan and my original wedding date we moved the wedding. I didn't want to compromise on the outside location so that moved us in to fall for sure (being in a tent in Kansas in May-August is a form of torture, not a celebration). My step-sister Heidi is having a destination wedding on August 11th and my brother Matt and his fiancee Maddy (yep Matt & Maddy, how cute, right?!) are having their wedding in early September. So this left October and November. I don't really obsess over bad luck but I didn't want another November wedding.

We decided awhile ago that we wanted to wed on a Friday evening. Luck would have it that the day we met 6 years prior is the first Friday night in October of 2012. So...that became the new and improved-my sister won't be pregnant and all of my other siblings weddings will be over date. I have a lot of siblings so I have put out an unofficial memo-- if you decide to be pregnant or be wed that is more than fine, just try not to pop or say your "i do's" on October 5th.

Unfortunately the only thing I had done for the wedding was the Save the Date Cards (known creepily in Internet-wedding-blogspeak as "STDs"). I had also chosen the colors Tiffany blue and cherry. The simplest thing to do was go with the same color palette and just darken the hues to peacock blue and cranberry. And to redo those save the date cards.

save the date-- take 2

In order to keep me going as I only have 9 months left to prepare and a dinner conversation with the two other brides in my family (they already have their dresses, the bridesmaid dresses, the location, photographers--panicvomit is rising inside me) left me feeling ill-prepared at best I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays as Wedding Wednesdays. Since I abhor doing wedding planning I think it will help to only ruin one day of the week.

So this Wednesday I got those STDs (really people?! some acronyms are not ok) redesigned. Yay me.

Next Wednesday start project get skinnier for the wedding (I have to do this everyday not just Weds. but I plan to start on Weds Feb 1). Plus start one of my DIY projects that I plan to do. And I will make one phone call (most likely the tent-- I want a striped one, a la JFK and Jackie)


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Ashley H said...

Holy cow! A lot going on this year! Geez!