Tuesday, January 24, 2012

surprise surprise, another pair of lips and eyes

My sister is due in early May and she had a sonogram where she found out the gender in December.  She wanted to reveal it to our big family at the same time, so we came up with this idea, using a couple of ideas from the net. We all got together on Christmas eve and she did the reveal then. 

Everyone had to wear a ribbon indicating their guess.  Pink for girl, blue for boy-- a little dated I know but easy to interpret. 

I think I subconsciously thought it was a girl as the pink ribbons far outnumber the blue

my mama made these cupcakes so we could all take a bite and reveal the surprise at the same time

It's a boy!  Hooray!
Mom made the cupcakes by reserving one third of the batter and dying it blue.  Then you use a small cookie scoop to place a small dollop of the colored batter in the middle of the white batter.  Then frost as usual. 

So excited for a nephew!  Let the nursery painting and decorating begin.

title courtesy of lyrics from Carriage by Counting Crows

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Ashley H said...

Hang on... Taylor?!
so fun he & Sloane will be close in age!