Thursday, March 29, 2012

every little thing is going to be alright

Sometimes I wonder what people did before there was the Internet and google to feed the evil "mother guilt" phenomenon.  I mean my mother didn't know if Princess Diana breast or bottle fed her baby or if Cheryl Tiegs thought that your babies should sleep in your bed until they reach puberty.  But now we are bombarded with celebrities taunting their new age/old school/sweet way they parent their children in their spare time (of which they have far more than you or I). 

These videos of Alicia Silverstone feeding her child like it is a baby bird (Clueless indeed) and Mayim Bailik PhD being the feature mommy blogger on the Today show web page (she's just like you and me-- except that she follows all of attachment parenting tenets to the letter, started potty-training her babies immediately and she's a scientist/actress/writer) are just today's installments of information I find overwhelming and extraneous. 

Although I try my best to do everything right for my child there has to be balance so 1 year into being a parent I have come to adopt the Burger King slogan way of motherhood-- "have it your way."  

I try to remind myself of this when I see less absurd examples and when I do truly begin to doubt myself because of a decision I made.  I began to wean Sloane from breastfeeding at 12months and she was finished breastfeeding at 14 months.  I did this partially because of pressure to "be normal" as well as that I needed sleep and not breastfeeding at night was making her interest wane.  Shortly after weaning she began cow's milk and developed terrible eczema.  I immediately wished I could turn back the clock and breastfeed her until 24 months (when I can try dairy again as her gut will be more mature) instead we have battled tons of colds and allergies (that she never had while breastfeeding) and are spending 3.44 for a HALF gallon of rice milk (which we are grateful that she loves the taste).  

Then I remind myself I can't change what I did yesterday I can only work to make today good.   I am not going to win any contests.  As long as I can roll with that I will be doing a better thing for my daughter than agonizing over everything that the Jones' are doing.  Be present.  Have it your way.

Especially since a lot of it is hogwash.     

She really is no worse for the wear

My mom hates sippy cups but they are simply easier for my lifestyle as a work-out of the home mommy

Have it your way! (baby Q knows how it's done)
title courtesy of Three Little Birds by Bob Marley


Lisa Gonzalez said...

I think living life our own way and not comparing ourselves to everyone else is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, and for our children.

You are a phenomenal mama.


Ashley H said...

You do the best you can do & you don't worry about anyone else or the way they do things.

You do what makes you happy.

(but seriously, I did see that video of Alicia Silverstone & wonder wtf?!)