Wednesday, March 28, 2012

stay with you

Finished up with Taylor's baby shower and we just have the flooring left on the nursery.  Bebe will be here soon!  She is 32 weeks and on full bed rest for low blood pressure.  No name yet but I am rooting for "Dexter".  I think she is a little too worried about the cultural implications for that shaping him into a serial killer.   

guest "book" notes to the baby on a "balloon"- I must show the finished version it's so cute

Sign from Walmart, cake by my mama

my sis, (& my nephew) and the cute as a button cake
Unfortunately I didn't take pics of all the adorable onesies people made.  I need to do that we had patterns for turtles, elephants, ties, stars, hearts, an octopus and some people even free-styled theris.  Luckily my best friend B was there to save the day and do all the ironing on and cutting. 

What do you mean these gifts aren't for me?
title courtesy of John Legend: Stay with you

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Ashley H said...

Can't get over how much she looks like you!

& baby will be here SOON!!