Thursday, March 1, 2012

don't give up on me, I'm about to come alive

Lots of multitasking lately has lead to some mistakes.  I think I need to trim back the quantity of tasks I am doing at once.  This installment of wedding wednesday is brought to you by the letter B. 

Blonde.  I am on my way to blonde again.  I am so sick of having to dye my hair so often and seeing my blondish roots peeking through my brunette hair (and the grey invaders that I have gotten just add another thing on the list).  I figured it is time to get back to my roots.  I am not as blonde as I was as a kid, so I figured I would need to do an ashy light brown.  6 hours (most of it under the dryer) later I am a light brown and my real roots are exposed.  I couldn't get to this change in one appointment.  My hair was one level away from black (no thanks to home dyes and beauty-school drop outs students in Kansas City).  It took quite awhile and lots of hair trauma and then reintroducing protein and conditioner into my hair to get the dark dark brown to lift.  It's far more golden brown than I prefer right now but I am on my way to walk down the aisle as a blonde(ish). 

Brighten.  The other thing I hate about my appearance is that I need my teeth professionally whitenened and my dental implant on my front tooth replaced (thank you swinging on the stall doors at church when I was 10 years old for this one).  Back when they did the implant in 2005 the implant colors (cream-white) were different than the new implants now (they are apparently blue-white now).  So I am so happy to start the process of having my teeth bright and white and lovely.  Thank you cafeteria plan.  

Baby-no-more.  We officially have a walking toddler.  She couldn't be more proud of herself.  We agree with her.  It's pretty spectacular.  So we have lift off-- for the flower girl who we can now imagine walking down the aisle.   

always crosses those ankles...little lady

title coutesy of Train: I'm about to come alive

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Ashley H said...

I like your hair dark but I am excited to see it light! & I am so with you on the teeth bleaching. I had mine done in 2001 when my braces came off. In the past year I have used Crest White Strips which definitely help but I want a professional done deal so it will last longer.