Tuesday, February 28, 2012

you could shine a little light on everything around you

Things have been a little crazy lately.  Quite busy and very blessed.  Keenan started his new position and so daddy daycare is no longer in operation.  Sloane goes to grammy's all day.  She is very happy to hang out with grandma all day and grandpa on his lunch break.  It's great because Keenan goes to work early and gets off early and I go to work later and get off later.  So I get to spend the early morning getting Sloane ready and off to grammy's and Keenan gets to pick her up in the early afternoon.  I don't regret for a minute moving here, it's such a blessing (and HUGE money saver) to have Sloane in the care of her family all day long. 

Speaking of family...we have been working like fiends on Taylor's baby's nursery (wait til you see the before and after shots, it's unreal).  Everyone is goading her to choose a name, she is having as hard of a time as we did.    I don't think he will have a name until he is out of the womb and into the world.

And this is coming up soon....

designed by Kate at grey square design on Etsy (she's delightful!)

Crazy weekend, I jetted to Lawrence on Friday for Whitney's surprise 32nd birthday party (her husband is a gem, she was so surprised she cried).  On Saturday we hung out and watched KU beat Mizzou (hooray!) and Sunday brought our favorite day...the Academy Awards. I was tickled for my favorite actress evah-- Meryl (although I wanted Viola to win so much too-- definitely the best category this year).  I am slowly (much more slowly than usual, pre-baby) working my way through the nominees.  We are slated to see The Artist (art cinema) this week and My Week with Marilyn (art cinema) and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (red box) next week, I believe Hugo will come out soon as well. 

Oscar baby 2012
Who did you think looked smashing? I loved Viola's green gown and her natural hair!  She is seriously gorgeous, she looked like a total movie star.  Green on the red carpet is always a winner with me.

I did not care for Angelina's look at all.  She was so posey.  She totally ruined her aloof image.  She should be the kind of star that you should say-- "is that a slit in her dress?" in that mysterious give-me-more way.  Instead she looked so vampy.  Ick. Plus she does not look too skinny-- she looks like a SKELETON.  Seriously, this is honestly a medical problem.  It doesn't help her to be on all the best-dressed lists-- she needs help. 
Also this coming weekend--a swimming party, even though appearing in a bathing suit before losing all the baby weight is against my religion...I will be going to celebrate a special day for my favorite family.  And these two little guys:

4 years old, can it be?

Mr. Quinn one year ago
photo by David (daddy)...look how gorgeous Bre is minutes after giving birth.  that should be illegal people.
 Someday soon I will be able to breathe again.  I believe this, I do. 
title courtesy of Rob Thomas: Someday

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Ashley H said...

Cuuuute Sloane! & seriously AJ looks SICK. Someone needs to get her some help, STAT.