Wednesday, February 15, 2012

suddenly you're mine

Miss Sloane Jillian,

14 months on the doesn't seem that long ago in many ways but in other ways it seems like we've known you forever. 

You've got new skills--

You can "cheers" with your milk cup, drink through a straw (which pleases you)

so big, now she LOVES to hydrate

You say "good girl" (guh gahl), raise your fist in the air when you see a jayhawk, tell uncle Chance and uncle Matt's basketball players to "go go go!" 

You identify your head, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, toes, hair and tummy.  You like to brush your (mostly non-existent hair) and apply chapstick and hand cream.  Also if we ask you if you need medicine you will give a great fake cough. 

my daughter wearing a "boys sleeper" and a little mermaid bib --my tiny paradox
 Your favorite foods are enchilada casserole, guacamole, toast, goldfish, cheerios, macaroni w/ squash, chili waffles, and oatmeal with fruit.  Your grandma and aunt Tay introduced you to oatmeal raisin cookies for which you will say and simultaneously sign cookie, please ("cook peas").  You are totally done nursing (as of February 1st) although you still sign for it sometimes when you are sad you are happy to drink from a cup instead. 

You love to "sing" and dance and say "hi" to everyone at church.  You put both hands together to say your prayers and laugh when anyone ends the prayer with "amen". 

You can stand and take steps but you aren't really that enamored by walking yet, so we don't say that you are walking because you really aren't quite yet (despite your daddy's trying). 

The TV will catch your attention if-- it is a commercial with a dog or a baby (who you will make a grouchy face and whimper for) which we then say "oh is that baby crying?", Elmo, Star & Nina from the goodnight show on sprout, KU basketball so that grandma can sing you "rock chalk jayhawk" and you can dance. 

Your favorite things to play with are dishes, pretend food, books, baby dolls, Dudley the monkey, when daddy pretends to be a monster and you squeal and crawl away furiously, you love roaring at people to "scare them",  hiding under blankets or pillows, and playing with your little Sesame Street figures and Playskool Little People (is that still acceptable that they are named that?). 

You are almost always happy and you are wonderful.  Thank you for filling my heart and days with joy.

------ on a totally separate note, it's "wedding wednesday" and I will actually have something to show for it tomorrow.

title courtesy of Aqualung: Brighter than Sunshine 

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Ashley H said...

She is adorable & I love that little cheerleading outfit. Can't wait for the next wedding Wednesday!