Friday, February 3, 2012

remember this in your heart

I started with 3 mailboxes from Target's One Spot plus these three relics from the Goodwill

Then I spraypainted the candlesticks and used my gorilla glue to adhere the mailboxes

Now there are little places to put notes and sweets for Valentines Day

This is one of the easiest and cheapest little DIYs I've done lately.  I orignally found it on The Anderson Crew blog, but I've seen it cropping up on Pinterest a lot too.  

The total cost for the project was about 2-3 each.  I had to go back for more mailboxes because my mom wants one of her own, and because they are only a dollar!  I love that tourquoise one!   

title courtesy of the Indigo Girls: dead man's hill 


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and because. said...

picking up the mailboxes is on my to do list for tomorrow. :) love her ideas...and i love your take on them. (especially the turquoise with purple!)