Thursday, February 16, 2012

Self-appraisal often makes me sad

When I think about my wedding I think more about what I don't want (and admittedly what I did before) than what I do want.  The thing I am most careful with in my mind is color.  I wanted this to be a non-issue (repeating the sins colors of the past) but then after some unavoidable scheduling changes we ended up planning our wedding for the fall (different month than my other wedding but same season).  And there it is again-- "fall colors".

So we went shopping this weekend, and while Sloane snoozed in the stroller I picked up this flower girl dress.  And immediately the gold/champagne/ivory laden thoughts entered my mind.  But what other neutral can a girl use in fall-- surely not pink or white- those are too spring/summery, black & grey are too depressing....So I am hoping that the cranberry and peacock really take over the gold/ivory neutrals (I must strike champagne though, it simply has too much baggage) and add that panache to show that fall isn't just rust/pumpkin/chocolate.

So I agonized for a moment and then rang it up and I am so happy that I did, this picture truly doesn't captrue the adorable crochet on the bodice. Also I told myself I won't let the ghosts of colors past ruin the present. 

I's a little elegant for a tent.  So I thought I needed something for Sloane and me, to make us look a little more "at home wedding".  I settled on my favorite accessory of my day to day life.  The bridal party will be in hues and prints of cranberry and peacock but Sloane and I need a different color to add to our ivory/gold.  I finally settled on this look that I saw on .  Perfection.

enter the mustard yellow cardigan

In other news, I found my dress. I can't post it here though--- that would be too risky. I am hoping these sneak peeks will suffice.
from the top of my head...(minus the feather, with a mustard rosette in there via this seller on

cap sleeves, I've always wanted them, it's shown in white I am getting ivory

the inspiration--it's pretty close to a match-- miss hepburn in funny face

I would LOVE  NEED suggestions on shoes!

title courtesy of lyrics of Fred Astaire's funny face


Ashley H said...

eeek! loving the sneak peeks of the dress & the colors will be so pretty. Sloane's dress is gorgeous!

erb said...

really gorgeous mustard shoes is my vote. so glad you finally get to have everything exactly how you always wanted especially your veil!! can't wait to see more-live the way it's looking so far. ps. you know my number, I need to see that dress of yours!! and great job already picking it out. you are doing fabulous on your timeline!