Sunday, January 3, 2010

and the seasons of last year like reasons have floated away

I saw a bevy of films over the holidays and thought I'd record my thoughts on them before heading back to reality and the office tomorrow. These thoughts DO NOT contain spoilers, I am not a spoiler. more like a "Five" was dreadfully boring, even with the gloss of tons of Oscar winners (Marion Cotillard, Dame Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Sophia Loren & Daniel Day Lewis) it didn't matter. Fergie (the only "name" in the movie who hasn't won an Academy Award) actually upstaged them all...her performance and song were the best parts of the movie. That's how you know it was dreadful.

Up in the Air...aka The George Clooney film...Keenan LOVED it...I did not. However, I am not a Clooney fan (I always feel like he is trying poorly to channel Cary Grant, this maybe unfair, but it's just one woman's opinion). Clooney's performance is solid but there is no way I think he can best Colin Firth (A Single Man). And although I doubt Brothers will be an academy-darling Toby Maguire was better too this year. The script is decent (again Brothers is better) and save one completely silly crying scene Anna Kendrick was spot-on.

The Hangover... I bought it for Keenan for Christmas, he saw it at the theatre with his friends and has been raving over it ever since. I loved Zack Galifianakis. It's basically what it is supposed to be, the everyday-guy's pipedream, including completely stereotypical roles for females. The Hangover left me minimally charmed and feeling a little nauseous myself. (To atone for making me watch this he watched my gifted DVD Julie & Julia)

Two Lovers...A redbox rental (since our Netflix is devoted to Mad Men at the present time). It's a small indie flick with Gwyneth and Joaquin. They are both great in this film, which starts a little slowly but satisfies eventually. The performances are definitely better than the script. But it's a good rental.

Adventureland...Another redbox, we hadn't seen it. And to be honest we didn't see the end. However, we were pretty sure there wasn't a big twist ending. I really only want to see Micheal Cera as the lovable-smart guy...sorry Jesse Eisenberg...Micheal does it better.

A Few Good Men...I watched it on TV, all the way through, for probably the thousandth time...Keenan saw it for the first time when we were first together. It was really difficult to not recite the lines that first time he watched it, I don't abide by that restriction anymore, therefore he doesn't watch it with me anymore. I can't help it, every time Lt. Caffey demands "Col. Jessup did you order the code red?" And the Col. screams "You're damn right I did!" I get chills. Solid story, great performances (Keifer Sutherland makes me squirm), and great dialogue...I love this film.

I am looking forward to seeing...Sherlock Holmes, The Lovely Bones, Me & Orson Wells and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

title courtesy of Something Corporate: Me and the Moon

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