Thursday, January 7, 2010

You can feel it in the air, feeling right this time of year

2010...the year of 30.

I'm a little slow on this post, but I feel I should do the obligatory declaration of a new year of goals. After all, I can only celebrate last years goals so long...speaking of, here is my last celebration of them...

1. I quit caffeine. It started with soda and ended with coffee. I actually crave water now, and drink a ton of it. This incidentally helped me reach my size 6 goal too...I am not hung up on weight, in fact I don't know what I weigh for sure, but I know I felt off as a size 8. So its back to the size 6s again and I am feeling great (although I'm still working on Jillian Michaelsesque arms).

2. I am an RDT (registered drama therapist). This is a goal that I've had since 2001, so its really huge to see that to fruition.

3. My other goal was to pay off my debt. I've made a significant dent in my student loans and have that pesky credit card manageable as well. I paid one loan completely off, and paid an old card off as well.

4. We went on a vacation (we try to do this at least once a year) to NYC.

5. Completely whole-wheat (pasta, bread, rice) -- no bleached flour, at least for home, at restuarants and others homes I am happy to consume a little, I am not fanatic, just trying for a healthy body. Also still sticking to "No Red Meat", this is a migraine prevention trick and year 2 of it is going well, I can now not notice a difference between ground turkey and ground beef. I haven't bought red meat in two years now, I probably end up eating it about twice a year at others' homes (again, I am in no way against the consumption of meat).

So...onto the new year...

1. Read every night. I used to do this and would like to get back to this old habit. I can accomplish this by only watching TV using the DVR (you didn't think I'd cut back on TV?!!).

2. Continue to work on student loans/debt.

3. Go on a beach vacation (we've been to Chicago, Philly, Vegas & NYC...we need a beach to round this out, Long Beach doesn't count) --In 2011 I will talk Keenan into a mountain vacation...but for now I've got to concede.

4. Look for opportunities for freelance work. I did this a few times last year, but need to keep expanding.

5. Keep up the good habits I worked so hard to develop last year.

with that I am off to drink my water...happy new year!

title courtesy of Better Than Ezra: This Time of Year


Ashley said...

So proud of your year!

A beach vacation sounds perfect to me! :)

Mellissa Rudder, MT, future MPH Candidate said...

Love what you've accomplished and love what you've projected :)

Can I recommend Santa Barbara and their beaches?? Lovely. And quite close to me :)


Sarah said...

Congratulations on the caffeine! That's a hard one to give up. I gave up red meat, too. I get sick now anytime I try to eat it. But I feel so much better without it! Good luck with this year's goals!