Saturday, January 23, 2010

you're covered in secrets

This is up for tomorrow's matinee, I LOVE Oscar season. Also it's Keenan's tech weekend for Grey Gardens, which means the 24 hours of rehearsals this weekend and a LOT of alone time for me. Went to dinner at McCoys with Josie last night and took her "on-call" duties for tonight so she can go to Party Arty. Watching the SAG awards tonight and trying to get a little creative. I'm due to post about my birthday, but must locate my camera usb cord first.
Hope your weekend is wonderful! Really looking forward to next weekend already, a little road trip with my bff&birthday girl Bre! Can't wait.

edited to add: Mo'Nique definitely deserving of all the accolades she has gotten recently. Precious was totally worth my time. It was important & tragic, and real.
title courtesy of Patty Griffin: Mary

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