Thursday, February 11, 2010

I knew I wouldn't forget you...

Here's to the women in my life. The next few blog posts will be the "soul sister collection". I am taking a break from my previously scheduled program of only scrapping 2009 to celebrate the impending holiday. I wanna talk about my soul sisters.
Let's celebrate love...too often we are looking for a fairy tale when we already have lifelong love. I find some of my best love from my tried and true gal pals. I know this song is from a man to a woman, but I have soul sisters too, and I love the beat.
First in the collection is my bff Bre. I met her when I was merely 18, and not really looking for her (in fact she didn't like me at first she thought I was sappy, and I thought she was snooty). Now, I can barely live without her. We've survived a long distance relationship, being roommates, as well as a million and one life changes. But there's no one I want to face the future with more. She makes everything better.
title courtesy of Train: Soul Sister