Wednesday, February 3, 2010

watch me go, I'm a happy girl.

Where better to shamelessly promote yourself than on your own blog? Nowhere.
Nestled between Brainy Smurf and Bug-out-Bob, you can see my "2009 Creative Contributions Award". The agency I work for celebrates one person per year for this award and 2009 was my year! Hopefully after I pilot my two sessions of drama camp for kids with autism they will want to award me again next year (I am not greedy, just ambitious).

It was funny, when they announced me for the award (it was super loud in the building with background noise) I thought they were calling my name out so that I could help pass out the awards, so when I got to the podium I asked what they needed me to do. The emcee looked quite confused and handed me the award. The photo of me accepting the award is truly funny as I look like I am not sure whether to reach out for it or not. If I had access to it, I would post it here. Luckily it is emblazoned in company infamy so that everyone can see my embarrassing moment. But now only my blogosphere knows the real story behind my flustered look.
title courtesy of Kansas girl Martina McBride: Happy Girl