Thursday, May 24, 2012

I recall...being strangers to change

Dear Sloane,

On the day you were 17 months old your cousin Ledger Matthew was born.  I was a wreck all day long helping your aunt Tay through a harrowing 48 hour labor and delivery, that we are all more than thankful ended well. 

A few days after delivery: I am just so glad we got to have this moment.

aunt Tay & Ledger Matthew, Sloane and Grammy

When we finally got to see aunt Tay after the c-section and subsequent allergic reaction (par for the Taylorcourse) you walked into the room so excited to see her.  You were the one who made her so happy because you wanted only to see her-- the rest of us were waiting to meet baby Ledger (although he was still "baby boy" until morning).  When you saw Ledger for the first time you exclaimed:  "Hi Tiny!"

You adore your cousin.  On the days you don't see him you walk around saying "babybabybabybaby".  Every time you touch him you are gentle (so far) and give him sweet kisses on the top of his head.

When we left Ledger had to go back to NICU for his antibiotics etc...You told him to be strong.

I am pleasantly surprised that you give little attention to me or your bff grammy when we are holding Ledger. We thought you might not do so well with this as the last few weeks of the pregnancy you got very into "being a baby" (your interpretation of this as seen below)

A one year old--shoved into a bumbo, with a bottle, whining...truly lovely

So happy that you are adjusting so well to the new things in your world.  Even though you recently learned to verbalize "no" and love to use it in combination "nonononononononono!" while running away, you still are adjusting to this change with a bit of grace (as much grace as a toddler can possibly possess and exude, which frankly isn't that much). 

Love you,


title courtesy of Iron & Wine:  Tree by the River

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