Friday, May 25, 2012

sunshine day

My sister (and my carpenter step-dad) had quite the task ahead when she began her nursery.  In a few short months we changed my parent's guest room into a charming, sweet, updated little room perfect for a new addition (and for an office/guest room in the future).  This room had been long ignored-- for about 10+ years it was dubbed "the middle room" which meant storage area for extra furniture, the computer and the exercise bike and tons and tons of 1990's clothing my mom forgot that she had (think Suze Orman jackets).  
This was the weekend we cleaned everything out.  We had already changed the blinds and valance.

Yes people that is wood paneling, and ugly puke carpet

The people who designed this room loved them some wood

My sister had fish on her wall when this was her room, circa  1998
Every little detail is transformed-- down to the electric face plates, doorknob and  hardware

Guest book from the shower-- cream walls

Accessories in the built-in-- new yellow paint on the accent wall (goodbye fish)

Take me out to the ball game prints over the crib-- love that painted paneling!

New wood floors, New slipcover on the couch, New hardware on the desk, New pillows

My favorite part of the room-- the flooring and the accent rug (Target)

Spray painted the mirror

The sheet has the faintest blue hexagons and a creamy yellow skirt that matches the valance

Cozy spot to sit

It's hard to believe it's the same room.  It's so beautiful, and minimalist (just like my sis) and we all worked very hard to get it done before little sprout made his way into the world.  She ordered a beautiful print from Etsy that she had framed at Hobby Lobby and that needs to be hung, and we are still working on one little project for over the changing table-- but otherwise it's home for bebe Ledger.  

Sigh...onto the next project!  

title courtesy of the Brady Bunch (yep) that cheesy song they sing as "The Silver Platters"--can't help it all the yellow makes me so happy 

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Ashley H said...

Wow! That room was something else -- LOVE the transformation! Sometimes the littlest things really can make a big difference!