Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Intertwining like a ring around the finger of a girl

It's wedding Wednesday and it feels like crunch time all of a sudden.  I have been so busy with life that I rarely notice the time just ticking by...(it could be that a large portion of my free time was spent voraciously reading the Hunger Games trilogy). 

So today for wedding Wednesday I am deciding to focus on something old.  My friend Breann and I created this garland out of old cds, scraps of scrapbooking paper, a couple yards of ribbon, packing tape, glue, some alpha stickers and some ink.  I use this particular garland to adorn the door of Sloane's nursery.  However I am thinking of making a garland for the kids area at the wedding. 

It was seriously easy.  I snagged a few "mix cds" that I made a long time ago for things like working out to the tunes of Justin Timberlake.  I have nothing against Justin or working out (well maybe a little against working out) but I feel a little ridiculous trying to bring sexy back at this point in my life.


We stuck the scrapbook papers onto the cd with scrapbooking glue, tacked on the alphas using my xyron adhesive sticker maker (you could do a layer of mod podg over the top to assure the adhesive quality, especially if you want to use anywhere with humidity- like outside, bathroom or a kitchen).  Then we inked the edges with a small ink pad just to give it a little more dimension and attached the ribbon loops to the back of the cds using packing tape, then you can adhere another circle of paper over the evidence of the tape and in case you have it freestanding then both sides are decorated. 

Easy little project.  

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title courtesy of Jason Mraz, Bella Luna


Lazy Linkies said...

Nice--and just about everyone has old CDs and scrapbook paper lying around. Thanks for sharing (found you via Sugar and Dots).

Ashley H said...

LOL @ the sexy back comment.
Super cute (& easy) garland! Love it!