Thursday, June 14, 2012

so much to say

Dear Sloane,

photo by breann
18 months today. 

You are very into asserting your will.  You get so frustrated that we can't understand what you say or we don't always do what you say.  It's so funny that after being so upset something so little can steal your attention and make you forget all about what you were upset about. 

Your newest thing to do while having a temper tantrum is to spit and then pull the drool out of your mouth and fling it to the floor.  Disgusting, although I try to just turn my back and ignore your craziness. 

You are so funny combining signs with verbal words right now, so you have molded your own half & half language. Signglish.-- 

What you like to say this month:

"teeth"-- means you want to brush your teeth (which you LOVE to do) or that you are identifying teeth on yourself or others

"Abby"-- Abby Cadabby (she's at the bottom of your oatmeal bowl and when you've cleared away enough oats you exclaim her name). 

"ooof" w/ the sign for please--- please

"no-no-you" while nodding yes--- no thank you

"Matt" --uncle Matt

"Meemee" -- Grammy

"mahmaw"-- Grandma

"mommy" -- Mom


"beezu"--- Ledger

"it's a woaheee"---- we are not sure but we sure do love to make you say it.

"ball"-- ball

"Tay" -- aunt Taylor

"Hi-eee"-- aunt Heidi

"keh bat"--- kiss bath (and that's exactly what you did, which resulted in some snorting and sputtering)

photo by breann

Keep speaking sister!  We are sure one day it will all start making sense.   


title courtesy of Dave Matthews Band:  So much to say

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Ashley H said...

Kind of reminds me of trying to figure out what my stroke patients are saying, when they don't say what they mean or say another word instead of the one they're trying to say or they can't speak at all & they make noises & motions with their hands. Ugh SO frustrating. But I'm sure it's totally different when you're in a mom/baby relationship than a nurse/patient relationship ;)

Cute pic too!