Friday, December 5, 2008

agenda de jour

glad it's friday again. love having this day to look forward to every week. this weekend should be's what i have slated so far...

tonight there is shopping w/ meg and mymy
procuring final gifts on my list

  • comfy sweats for keenan

  • ornament for mama

  • stocking stuffers for k

  • something for matt (?)

  • gift for juanelle & dad
a date w/ my bf. including getting a christmas tree & decorating
scrapping like a madwoman

cooking on sunday
watching the fb games on tv &
hoping my fantasy fb teams win
not thinking about work

however right now, i really should buckle down and do my paperwork so i can get out of here sometime this afternoon. blog break is officially over. seacrest, out.

ETA: My stepbrother Chance and his wife had their baby, healthy & happy: Tiernan David. 7lbs 8oz 19"

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