Saturday, December 20, 2008

overheard lately....

As I am flipping channels and see an advertisement for "Bromance" Brody Jenner's new reality show I glibly said: "Who on earth would want to watch that?" To which Keenan, without missing a beat replied "Me, for one." (Serious as a heart attack).

While watching Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls pulls a fish out of a rushing stream and bites into it, still squirming and exclaims he "loves sushi". Keenan, mouth agape says "I wish that guy was my friend." I reply "You wish Bear Grylls was your friend?" He says "Yea, my best friend." (trying not to laugh I ask "why?") "He could get me out of some sticky situations."

Later on remembering the Brody Jenner remark I ask if he wishes that Brody and Bear and he were best friends and he said yes. I asked what they would do together, he said "Cool stuff, like fish, and drink in Cabo." I am pretty sure that would be quite a trio.

Tonight, when another ad for "bromance" came on k said "do you know what you can get me for Christmas?" I asked "What?" He answered "Brody Jenner's friendship."

He also plans on seeing if there is a Bear Grylls fan club, and if there is not...starting one.

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Ashley said...

I wish Brody & I were best friends. He's hot. The show seems ridiculous. But he's hot.