Friday, December 12, 2008

the official weekend to-do list...

"There's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last." A Duritz, A long December


The end of this work week has been delicious. Keenan didn't have to work tues, weds, or last night. We got to eat dinner together and lounge around on the couch watching tv: Wonderful!

Tons of movies I want to see: Rachel Getting Married, Milk, Slumdog Millionaire, Doubt and Frost/Nixon, and that Brad Pitt one...Benjamin Button? (something to the effect of that). Might hit Rachel Getting Married this weekend alone. Would love to see it w/ Tay, but it won't come to Salina while I'm there and she's not planning on coming here anytime soon. K works all weekend and so does the Nurse...therefore I am loner at the movies.

Okay, must finish up Christmas and Christmas party for work...therefore lots of shopping is in order this weekend. need to organize and wrap the gifts I do have done.

Have to go to Olathe to an open-house of three of my guys at the center. Wasn't planning on going but I brought it up in front of one of them and he said he wanted me to see where he lives. Heartwarming ensued. Thus I will trek south and see his home & do some shopping in the suburbs.

Who I know I have left to buy for:
Something little for Tay
Mom's ornament
Keenan's massage gift certificate
A couple of my friends (who may read this...can't tell what you are getting)
Something little for Brielle
Send G&G G a card and photos from this year of Tay, Matt & I...

Never ended up decorating the apt. for Christmas. I got out the snowflake bathroom towels and Christmas dishtowels and angel throw pillow, everything else is still in the green rubbermaid crate. I doubt I will follow-through, I've never decorated much in the past, besides the one year it felt obligitory (Dec 05).

Also not sending Xmas cards this year...only did this one year too, the obligatory married Christmas cards. Now that I am no longer such, and I have no children, I don't see that you need a Christmas card from me (with the exception of my grandparents), consider it yours and mine contributions toward being "green" for Christmas.

I should probably squeeze in laundry, somewhere in the schedule as well...

have a great weekend yourself.

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Christine said...

i need a xmas card!

have fun shopping and glad you had such a great week with your man.