Monday, December 29, 2008

tradition...and arbitrarily starting over

I admit it. I am a sucker for the New Year mentality. I love thinking of having a fresh start. Of course, everyone can start over at any second in their life, but I like that numeric fresh start. I was so ready to be rid of 2006 and 2007...I could start thinking "that was last year, this is now." 2008 has not been a year that I necessarily want to discard from the memory vault but I am even more excited about 2009.

Many people my age dread getting older. Dread being in their 30's. I do not. I am so excited that I will turn 29 in couple weeks. I am very much looking forward to saying goodbye to my twenties. I don't know if there is a particular reason for feeling this way or not. I am just happier about where I am in life than ever before. I am more comfortable and confident than I was in my earlier twenties. I hope that this trend continues as I age. If it does than I will be a person who likes aging quite well.

Each new year I compile a list in my journal and on my blog...a year's best list. Here is this year's edition.

Best book: Extremely loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer...breathtaking
Best movie-drama: Milk
Best movie-comedy: I liked Sex & The City and Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Best performance (onscreen): Sean Penn, Milk
Best play: I will have to vote for a musical... Seussical the Musical. Although I did enjoy Othello here in KC in the park this summer.
Best play I read: Broke-ology- Nathan L. Jackson. Lincoln Center, NYC- 09
Best live musical performance: Missy Higgins at the Record Bar in Kansas City
Best day: Keenan's 27th Birthday in Philly & the election of our upcoming President top my list.
Best gift: My BCBG black wool coat or the Jay Cutler women's cut jersey in white (both courtesy of Keenan).
Best new recipe: pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and ritz chicken for dinner
Best new gadget: my book light...I know these were invented awhile ago, but I have just now fallen in love.
Best thing to watch on TV: LOST or House (still my faves)
Best new show on TV: The Mentalist
Best vacation: Philly (yep Philly tops Vegas...barely)
Best babies: It's a tie...but here they are in birth order: Joshua Garretson, Greyson Rawls, Maxx Riggert, Tiernan was the year of the boy...let's see if 09 brings us some ladies.

Here's a rewind to my last year's ideas...

December 31
fresh start
12/31 is truly my favorite day of the year, every year. Even this year. I really believe in the “fresh start idea” that a new year gives us. Writing 08 on things suddenly gives me a little distance and closure from the mistakes and sadness of a prior year. 08 brings me further away in time from mistakes that I sometimes have a difficult time not fixating on.

Last year began on a fire escape watching fireworks and hoping the lyrics of Adam Duritz’s song “A Long December” were really going to come true this year. For the most part I think they did. 07 was wholly better than 06. Hopefully 08 will hold the same promise, although it won’t come in as fiery as 07 did. In my written journal I usually try to sum up the year in my favorite and worst moments of the year. I thought I’d do something a little less intimate here but still fun.

Best movie I saw in 07- Gone baby gone, (Ben and Casey affleck do work that is not-too-shabby at all)
Best album I’ve listened to in 07- Radiohead “In Rainbows” easily the winner here.
The best book I read in 07- Where the Wild Things Areby Maurice Sendak (really it is has the most substance of any book I read this year, otherwise I read plays or I read books for pleasure).
Best play I read this year: Rabbit Hole (it may be a cliché choice since it won the Pulitzer but it was the best choice considering I read both of Nathan Jackson’s plays in 06 and couldn't count them.
The best play I saw in 07—I was a little limited on plays this year…probably because my status as a grad student in a theatre department ended in May. So I’ve only seen about 7 plays this year and most of them were at Little Apple U. I choose William Inge’s Dark at the Top of the Stairs at Little Apple U. I plan on seeing a few more plays in 08—probably a certain TYA production a number of times.

In life we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love.- Diego Marchi

I’m hoping 08 brings many good things for you all. I am hoping for a nomination and the election of Barack Obama, finally being in the same state as Isaiah, happy and healthy births for Greyson and Maxx, to be able to unpack my suitcases and boxes eventually, last year I completed about 125 scrapbooking layouts (however I didn’t start up again until May) so this year I am hoping to complete 300 layouts and finally get caught up in a bunch of areas, I am of course hoping 08 also brings peace

I did not achieve 300 layouts. I did 191 this year. And sadly peace didn't come for the united states. Hoping that 09 brings an end to the war.

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Ashley said...

I want to do something like keep a journal or count how many times I do something or do the picture a day or SOMETHING. I always want to DO something with the new year... but never decide WHAT. & so I do nothing.