Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the rest of the story...

rewind to the weekend...

Saturday I acquired the comfy sweats for Keenan (don't worry it will stay a surprise, he finds blogs odd and pretentious, and thus never reads mine or anyone else's). Also acquired was a Santa suit for the work party, and Under armor (not sure on the spelling for that) for Cam and a great basket from the thrift store for me that now houses umbrellas, fabric shopping bags and outerwear by the door of the apartment.

because I was SO tired on Saturday from not sleeping on Friday, I accidentally slept through date night. I know, it's awful and not so good for the boyfriend's ego...I made it through dinner at McCoy's okay, but the 9:30 movie turned out to be awful and my little eyes and brain finally gave up. I woke up 2 hours later to a disappointed Keenan (he hated the movie too and was not so happy to watch it alone). so you don't inflict pain upon yourselves I will not recommend seeing the new Philip Seymour Hoffman film-Synecdoche, New York it was completely pretentious and I will be completely enraged at the academy if they nominate it for anything. Charlie Kaufman (eternal sunshine and being john malkovich) is the director. But this experience merited no sunshine at all, much less the eternal kind.

Sunday I got to watch my Broncos win against the enemy Chiefs and ended up winning the regular season for both my fantasy football leagues. This is worth mentioning because the one league I am in is all men (except me). When I mentioned to my friend McKay that I may win the league, she looked at me with adoration and noted that if I did win "it would be second only to having a female president" (in terms of what this means for womankind). Of course she was being tongue-in-cheek...but it does feel pretty good (although not so good for the eleven men in our league).

My dad and brother spent long Sunday afternoons explaining my many inquiries to the game of football as a preteen. And now I can finally use it for more than just watching the I can really enjoy watching every team (well except the abysmal Detroit Lions).

Of course the playoffs begin this week and it all may be for naught. However I doubt I will forget my mini-victory anytime too soon.

And that my friends, is the rest of the story (as pertaining to my weekend). And now it's almost time to plan the next one...

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