Wednesday, September 23, 2009

come into my world I've got to show show show you...

So I am on "staycation". My boss forced it really, she looked at what I had used my time off for in the past year (holidays, Keenan's audition, bereavement) and decided I needed some "real" time off, with no commitments. I thought it sounded delicious. Actually, not having a schedule is more difficult than I remembered.

So far I've accomplished some things that are notable on staycation...

reverse happy hour at 180 with Bret & Keenan
chiropractor (ahhhh!)
the end of guiding light (boo-hoo)
drinks w/ Josie & John (coworkers)
received banana bread & cookies from mom (yum)
got my car worked on (it ran great for 2 days, now it's crap again)
coffee at coffee station
coffee, lunch and drinks w/ Josie, Juan & Kim.
football, fantasy football and chili-making
baked banana bread and made green beans from the farmers market
browsed food magazines
Starbucks, again (hey it's my vacation!)
sent Brooks' birthday present (Aug 3)
sent Grandmas' birthday card (only a day late)
paid bills
went to Time Travelers Wife (alone w/ gummy worms, popcorn and a small sprite) (2 stars)
going to lunch with Keenan
sleeping in (much-needed)

also I am required to keep my work phone off, no email, no "checking-in". after detoxing from the ever-ringing I am feeling quite grateful.


mindakims said...

When did the staycation start? When does it end? I need to call you, but I never seem to have any time...suppose I could try right now...but now the boy is out of his bath...

Ashley said...

Sounds fabulous. & I agree - you needed it.