Friday, September 4, 2009

Looking at a green sky, sun like a red-eye

I made this strawberry jam last night. It's the real deal. And it smells so delicious when it's cooking. Find myself trying all sorts of new things in the kitchen lately...besides thrifting it's my way to deal.

Speaking of thrifting I got an adorably current Vera Bradley (according to the website it retails for 48$) hanging make-up bag (2.99) and a couple cute girl-cut Kansas State t-shirts (1.99). Great way to end my thrift adventures this week, of course I won't be able to resist going on Monday to the 50% off sale. And why should I resist?

I miss these two!

title courtesy of Counting Crows: Another Horsedreamers Blues

1 comment:

mindakims said...

looks oh so yummy! Will there be any left in late October?